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Global Outreach

At Lifetime Memory Products, we have offices across the globe to support our customers wherever they may be – Canada, Australia, Asia, or Europe, we are there when you need us. In our operations, we have found that it really is a small planet, and one which we must all work together to protect. We believe that we have a corporate obligation to protect the environment and the people who use our products, and a duty to make things “better than we found them” for our children. Recognizing this, we are fully committed to:

  • Reducing materials and energy use;
  • Eliminating hazardous materials from our products and their production;
  • Recycling scrap materials that we use in production; and,
  • Making our products and packaging recyclable.
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Production Efficiency – We continually maintain and upgrade our manufacturing equipment to use materials more efficiently, with less waste, while using less energy. This helps reduce our prices as well as lessens our environmental impact.

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Product Recycling – When you purchase a Lifetime Memory Products module, both the packaging and the contents are recyclable. So, be sure to recycle the plastic package and any paper materials you don’t need now, and, when you no longer need the module, you can also recycle the components for extraction of the raw materials.

Internal Recycling – Our offices subscribe to a comprehensive program to minimize office waste materials, and to recycle those materials that are used. From paper to pop cans, we re-use or recycle any materials from our facility that we can. We encourage our staff to do the same at home and to suggest ways that we can, as a company, further reduce our impact on the environment.

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Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) is a European Union requirement for reducing the use of hazardous chemicals, like lead, in the production of electronic equipment. As these chemicals pose a major threat to the environment and can lead to serious health problems, we fully support RoHS and can provide compliance documentation for most products upon request.

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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is another European Union initiative that requires electronic equipment manufacturers to recognize the complete lifecycle of their products by providing for the collection and recycling of older electronics, and the substitution of materials for safer alternatives. Lifetime Memory fully supports WEEE and is working both in the U.S. and abroad to develop programs for collection of older electronics and recovery of their components. We are happy to accept returns of any product that we've sold for proper disposal.

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Like-Minded Partnerships – If you want to work with us, you need to care, too. As part of our overall commitment to our planet, we actively seek vendors who share our beliefs and strategize on how we can work together to reduce waste. We encourage vendors to use efficient shipping and packing materials to reduce waste whenever supplying us.

What can you do to make a difference?
  • If your computer is always operating, it is always using power. Start by changing your power settings so that when your machine is idle, it powers down your display and hard drive. Go further by shutting your machine down at the end of each day and starting it up in the morning.
  • Replace your old CRT monitor which may be using hundreds of watts of power with an LCD that could use just 20 watts. But don't throw the old monitor into the trash! Be sure to contact a recycler as there may be several POUNDS of lead in the glass and electronics.
  • Reuse and recycle printed documents, or, even better, only print documents when you really need them. Frequently, people print web receipts so that they have a "paper" copy. Instead, use a PDF writer to save the image to a computer file and store it electronically. If you are concerned about having a backup, and we believe everyone should be concerned about backing up their important data, consider using one of our 32GB Thumb Drives as an ultra-quick backup that you can take with you at the end of the day.