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Custom Manufacturing

As computer architectures have increasingly moved towards standardization, our engineering staff has had more time available to assist other companies with customized electronics to meet a wide-range of issues. With a full-fledged team of engineers experienced in real-world technologies, and a class-leading production facility, Lifetime can meet the most challenging technical assignments quickly and cost-effectively.

Lifetime - Providing Technical AND Economic Intelligence

All of our designing, routing, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing is performed in our corporate facilities in Irvine, California, where we work together with global sourcing and accounting to find end-to-end solutions that meet your requirements. We are able to provide everything from rapid turn-around prototypes to large-run, fully-packaged products. We can use your supplied kits or source components through our own networks, often at a cost savings to you.

Custom Engineering Capabilities

Lifetime's engineers do custom engineering design, PCB routing, even EMI/EMC analysis. Our engineers work closely with our procurement team, incorporating cost-efficiencies at the design stage while avoiding long leadtimes and sole-source suppliers. Close communication with our manufacturing team guarantees a board that can be assembled quickly and for the lowest cost possible.

Here's a snapshot of Lifetime's engineering experience and capabilities:

  • Vast experience in digital and analog design using various IC families, including TTL, LVTTL, and ECL.
  • Well-versed in microprocessor based designs and memory board designs.
  • Very familiar with both PC and Macintosh architecture.
  • Experienced in test equipment design and fabrication.
  • Fluent in the use of programmable logic such as GAL's, FPGA's, Altera Max, Lattice iSPL's, and gate arrays.
  • Accomplished in technical writing and illustration.
  • Excellent communication skills with customers for feedback at every step of the design process. Languages include English, Japanese and Chinese.
  • Broad knowledge of parts generate cost savings at the design level.
  • Close contact with parts suppliers avoids long leadtimes and 'sole-source' hang-ups.
  • Vast experience in EMI issues, coupled with Lifetime's in-house spectrum analyzers, expedite FCC approval.
PCB Design Capabilities

Our PCB layout stations are located right next to our production floor for a reason - Close proximity makes for close communication, which facilitates development of superbly designed boards that are high in quality, quick and easy to manufacture, and less expensive than the competition.

Wherever possible, Lifetime's staff designs component profiles with pads sized to fit not just one component package, but several. This allows multiple sources of the same component, lowering costs and eliminating leadtimes. Should leadtimes stretch or prices rise on one package, often a different package may be immediately substituted with no downtime.

Our design staff are knowledgeable of the complete design process, including the following areas:

  • Up to 24 layers, down to .01 mil line traces, .01 mil spaces, .01 mil vias
  • Experienced in many forms of IC packaging including fine-pitch surface mount, through-hole and Ball Grid Array.
  • Totally fluent in using PADS PowerPCB either manually or with Spectra (Cooper-Chyan) auto routing.
  • Able to do matched line lengths and impedance control.
  • Vast database of component pads shortens design time.
  • Constant communication with Lifetime's procurement team eliminates sole-source hang-ups.
  • Practical experience in physical design such as cases and enclosures make for increased manufacturability.
  • Well-versed in EMI radiation issues, able to prevent problems at the design level.
Assembly Capabilities

Calling the memory business "cut-throat" is like calling Attila the Hun "unpleasant". In an industry known for razor-thin margins and high volume, Lifetime learned early to stamp out vast quantities of product at the lowest possible cost with zero defects. Today, building huge quantities of memory keeps Lifetime's production lines busy, our manufacturing costs low, and our skills sharp. In business since 1981, Lifetime's experience will help you produce your next product at the lowest possible cost while shortening your "time-to-money".

  • Quick-turn prototyping, often in less than 24 hours.
  • Experienced in many forms of IC packaging including fine-pitch surface mount, through-hole and Ball Grid Array.
  • Close communication with Lifetime's engineering and PCB design groups insure low fallout rates and reworks, lowering cost.
  • Placement rate of up to 53,000 components per hour.
  • Redundant manufacturing lines.
  • Latest in laser-guided robotic pick-and-place machinery.
  • Examples of placed components includes: Chip capacitor, resistors, Micro Melfs, Melfs, SOTs, SOICs, SOL-ICs, SOJs, PLCCs, QFPs, BGAs, TSOPs, VSOPs, GuAsFETs, Connectors, IC Sockets.
  • Component dimension capabilities: 0.35 to 10 millimeters Height, 1.0 x 0.5 to 33.5 millimeters Size, 0.4mm and up Lead Pitch
  • PCB dimensions: 50 - 410 millimeters (Length), 30 - 360 millimeters (Width), 0.4 - 2 millimeters (Thickness)
  • 100% Inspection to IPC-A-610A Workmanship Standard.
  • Materials can be consigned by the customer or procured by Lifetime, whichever results in a lower cost to the customer.
  • 100% Testing done using Customer-provided or Lifetime-designed equipment.
  • Mechanical assembly available.
  • Retail packaging available.

Procurement Capabilities

Lifetime's been in business since 1981. You could say we've bought a few chips. Our competitors will talk about strategic alliances with the major chip manufacturers and sure, we've got friends in high places, too. But we like to talk about our friends in low places. Like all the secretaries we've known for years who expedite our orders, all the shipping clerks who stay late because our customer is in a bind, all the staff people who "find" parts in the system and "re-allocate" to us, not to mention a whole network of old friends in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur who miraculously find the "unfindable." Yes, we've bought a few chips.

At Lifetime, cost reduction is more than just a goal, it's a way of life. We're always shopping for deals and looking for new vendors. Our procurement team is constantly attending trade shows, scouring the Internet, and meeting with suppliers to increase availability and lower cost.

Of course, low cost means nothing if the quality isn't acceptable. Lifetime constantly conducts vendor quality audits, even personal visits, to insure on-time deliveries and zero defects.

We're happy to work with your parts kit or your approved vendor list. If needed, Lifetime can source the entire kit and provide a complete turnkey solution.